Cosmos Studios


Swedish recording studio founded by Kent Gillström, originally situated in Götgatan, Stockholm.

Also may appear as :
- Cosmos Studios Stockholm
- Cosmos Studios, Stockholm
- Cosmos
- Cosmos II

In the year 2000 Gillström sold that studio and acquired EMI Studios, Stockholm in Skärmarbrink, whereby the name was changed to Cosmos Studios. These larger facilities for songwriting and recording originally opened in 1962, and has since been a hub for hundreds of prominent Scandinavian and international artists, songwriters and producers.
In 2012 the studios were sold to the X-Level Media Group and were renamed X-Level Studios. After a couple of years new owners changed the name to Baggpipe Studios.

Contact Info:

Palandergatan 33, 121 37 Stockholm
t +46-8-556 132 20 f +46-8-556 132 39
[email protected]


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