Ascension Monuments Media Oteirr

October 19, 2020
This junkie will never learn it. He will be remembered not as a good musician but a junkie, a scammer and also will probably die within the next few years.

Ascension Monuments Media barathri

May 13, 2019
How comes that, at the time of this writing, 135 items from this company can still be purchased at Discog's marketplace if abundant proof exists that all (or most of?) their products are illegal?

Ascension Monuments Media as reviewed by spirit_of_spirit

April 11, 2019
straight trash 0/10 i had to use paypal to get my money back.

Ascension Monuments Media farren942

March 26, 2019
Pretty sure he’s on eBay now maybe salty water lot of Judas. Bought a leviathan record before I seen he self released it himself. Got the records this time but had to get pay pal to refund the money I spent on band camp. Anyway salty water might not be Blake but he no doubt is in cahoots with him

Ascension Monuments Media eisigerwind

March 14, 2019
his new scam site is https://soundscars.com since he's been banned from every reputable site online.

Ascension Monuments Media Brantly

January 5, 2019
I was ripped off and they never responded to emails, fuck these guys!!!!

Ascension Monuments Media animalmother22

December 23, 2018
WHat is the deal with this Prophecy Productions and their backing of them?

Ascension Monuments Media as reviewed by ischemic_attack

December 16, 2018
I ordered the Leviathan picture disc that was supposed to come with a 7" on preorder. Never showed up and they never responded to emails. I finally did a bit of research and found that Blake Judd was behind the label (had no idea when I ordered the records), and filed a claim right away. As soon as I filed a claim they magically had the time to email me. Anyway, I got my money back, and I absolutely never would have ordered in the first place had I known that this worthless fucking junkie was behind the label. Blake Judd is trash. Avoid anything he does.

Ascension Monuments Media Artognou

December 4, 2018
Anything to do with this smackhead is bad news.
He's not reformed or rehabilitated, he's still a thieving, dishonest junkie.
Avoid anything to do with him.
Illegally download anything he releases with Nachtmystium from now on, just boycott the absolute fuck out of the bastard.

Ascension Monuments Media Sonic_Titan

October 25, 2018

Well, I'd say that's definitely an interesting way of 'partnering with a major media outlet to clear you of any wrongdoings' there, Blake!

Ascension Monuments Media as reviewed by cjohnbeckius

October 24, 2018
AMM is a garbage label that takes money and never sends records. They blame the bands that work with them and their customers for their problems.

Ascension Monuments Media burningshadows

October 24, 2018
Again, this label pretending to be someone they are not in order to steal more money from consumers. See links below...

Here is AMM pretending to be "Jake from Kentucky":

Here is the tracking number provided confirming the shipment was sent from San Juan Capistrano (where AMM is located):

Beware, this label is the worst of the worst when it comes to thieves and liars. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE

Ascension Monuments Media animalmother22

December 23, 2018
This Jake guy seems to know an awful lot about the behind the scenes of a company he says he knows little to nothing about only that they had quality merch. lol the writing is the same as the long diatribes as someone else on here said.

Ascension Monuments Media animalmother22

December 23, 2018
LOL Blake the Nigerian Prince. That's fucking great. I've had nothing but issues between my art design company and him. I'm still "waiting" on a package from a year ago.

Ascension Monuments Media Sonic_Titan

October 24, 2018
edited over 2 years ago
Came to see if anyone shared this yet. The writing style absolutely gives it away, just compare it to the lengthy diatribes he posted (most of which are documented either here or at NWN! / Metal Archives), it's identical. Anyone ever heard of 'Sound Seance' and/or 'Jacob Treush'? The only viable Google results point to that Reddit thread, lol. Blake definitely hit a new low pretending to be someone else in order to flog his stock.. "So I don't know about this AMM label, seems to have had some trouble with trolls and haters, but they've been cool with me and by the way they sure released some quality shit but can you pay through something non-PayPal seeing as it is difficult to set up for a new label owner?", that is absolutely hilarious and a true comedy goldmine. Hey Blake, why don't you just own up to your scamming and FINALLY give Leviathan and NWN! their copies and money instead?

Now this may or may not be a coincidence, but Louisville, KY is where a certain label owner I shall not further name went to rehab. You'll often find that when people are making up lies (or invent otherwise non-existent characters) they'll subconsciously borrow certain details from reality in order to make their stories sound more convincing.

Jake - these tracking numbers were created in California and not Louisville. I already have some trepidation about this.

No response

One can only laugh at Blake the Nigerian Prince..

Ascension Monuments Media Acts-Of-Disgust

October 23, 2018
Fucking garbage label, they took my money for the Leviathan Unfailing into Naught pre-orders which those junkie bastards never even sent. Fuck Blake and fuck AMM.

Ascension Monuments Media schwilly666

October 20, 2018
Got my first order from them back in April(Leviathan) My second order (also Leviathan)never came, but I filed and won the PayPal dispute

Ascension Monuments Media Sonic_Titan

October 15, 2018
Nuclear War Now! Productions is owed 800 records as well as the US$ 7,000 for the Judas Iscariot record that he pulled out of over three months (!!) ago. Imagine those records retail at US$ 17 each, that is US$ 13,600 worth of stock there. Oh, and Blake is still ignoring his phone calls, can anyone possibly guess why? Imagine how awkward and inconvenient it has to be to admit he neither has the money nor the records. Anyone still think that's a stand-up guy to do business with? I'm not making this up, this was confirmed earlier today by the label itself, and here's a screenshot to prove it: https://ibb.co/mNGFt0

That Nic Huber guy mentioned below (former AMM / Nachtmystium manager) also said Blake admitted to the bootlegging of Judas Iscariot records in a telephone conversation, but he refused to publicly come clean out of fear for Moribund: https://ibb.co/fWjJD0

Things sure aren't looking too bright and shiny in San Juan Capistrano, Orange County..

Ascension Monuments Media burningshadows

October 11, 2018
For anyone STILL questioning the integrity of this label, please see below. The following statements were posted by Nic Huber (listed as manager for both AMM and Nachtmystium) on Metal Archives forum. I think this paints a clear picture as to the type of people/business AMM is.

CarcosaPR 10/3/18:
At the time of the Ascension Monuments Media / MetalSucks giveaway, Blake had yet to bootleg any records. All of the records that he had put out at that point were officially licensed and had the artists' permission (Leviathan, Glorior Belli, Cobalt, etc.). 
There are only two people involved with AMM at this point, and that is Blake and Erica. Another person named Austin co-founded the label with them, but he ceased ties for whatever reason last year. "Noel" was originally the name that Erica used to keep herself anonymous, but Blake started using it and shit spiraled from there. 
I regret getting the MetalSucks dudes involved, but hindsight is 20/20.

CarcosaPR 10/9/18: 
Blake Judd has not paid me for any services in months. I terminated our business relationship the moment I found out about the bootlegs. Any monies I received from AMM came from sales of officially licensed material. 
I do not have to worry about my relationship with MetalSucks as they are aware of AMM's dealings. 
Ask them why they haven't posted a story, not me. It's not like any of this is a secret.

Ascension Monuments Media CollectorsGarden

October 8, 2018
Just opened up my claim. This label is shady for sure. Pre-ordered Leviathan "Unfailing...." Deluxe LP limited to 200, back in April. Was supposed to ship late July. Its now October!!! Has anyone who ordered this received it? Pretty damn frustrating.

Ascension Monuments Media 631paul83

October 13, 2018
I received it but only after threatening them with a claim. I just opened a claim about the JI records so we’ll see what happens...