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Delsin offshoot for deep electronica. Releases come in beautiful sleeves by graphic artist Delta InC.

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  • rydimryder's avatar
    Edited 13 years ago
    I just discovered this label tonight and I am already writing a review. That's not only a first for me, but something that says a lot about the quality here. My immediate reaction was this is another Styrax Leaves [a label to definitely check out if you aren't familiar with it and are liking Ann Aimee], which is no easy feat to accomplish in and of itself.

    I stumbled across the Redshape mix of Ripperton's "The Last Hour", but apparently that is just the tip of the iceberg. From sexy graphics and limited, coloured vinyls to amazing music, this label has everything. And we all know vinyl lovers get excited for the glimpses of colour [or lack thereof in the clear releases]. Too much black does get monotonous.

    I have now picked up the last three releases. James Kumo and Delta Funktionen were both unknowns to me but their beats are anything but ordinary. I am sure that this label will be one of the top to watch out for in the near-distant future. Would highly recommend to all lovers of electronica.