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Techno / Minimal label, based in Münster, Germany.

Founded by Heron in October 2008.

If you’ve ever come across the word “Limikola” before, you’re either a total geek – or an ornithologist (which doesn’t mean you’re a perverse sicko or religious fanatic or anything, but simply that you are totally into birds). If you haven’t: welcome to Heron’s latest project, his own label “Limikola”.

Heron has already achieved an established reputation in the spheres of electronic music. But still, he’s too afraid of stagnation, he needs to struggle against establishment, he’s desperately longing for everlasting electronic evolution. And with this idealistic, evolutionary ambition, the foundation of Limikola was only a question of time.

The particular aim of this particular label will be to provide the realms of electronic music with an innovative, exclusive platform for exceptional artists and extraordinary music, combining experimental and artistic freedom with the familiar and comfortable viscosity Heron stands for. So, just like the label’s icon, the wading bird “limicola”, the label intends – to be a little figurative - to wade through the muddy waters of digital publications, foraging for the finest, most exquisite bits.

After releasing the first twelve catalogue numbers digital only, Limikola turned into a vinyl supporting label during summer 2010, when Heron's one sided EP "Rufus" hit the world of electronic music.

Since then, the subsequent records from Nebes and Someone Else received a huge reputation worldwide and opened the door for upcoming labelshows and a big support in the form of remixers as Troy Pierce, Heartthrob, Niederflur, Miro Pajic and many more.

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