Crea Sound Ltd.

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Paris based library label founded by Louis Delacour in 1974. Originally named Creasound or Crea Sound, they took over production of Mondiophone titles on LP in the mid 1970s, and later reissued a lot of the early Neuilly catalogue (MC 80XX). Styles range from soul, jazz, funk, to early electronic, and cosmic disco.

Known timeline...
1974-1975: Edition et Production Creasound address on Mondiophone releases
1976-1984: Crea Sound Ltd. used as label name
1985+ Mondiophone name reintroduced
1987+ move to CD production
2005: Company went into liquidation

Based on current listings on Discogs, it seems as though Crea Sound Ltd. was registered in 1976 with the company moving base to Canada.

Labelcode: LC 1927 (1978+)


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