American vinyl pressing plant opened 1958, closed in the 1990s, located in the Ancora section of Winslow Township, New Jersey.

Presswell Records Manufacturing Company was founded as a domestic for-profit company in October 1958, and operated as a large vinyl pressing plant in Ancora, New Jersey, until it ultimately ceased operations during the 1990s. General managers included Edward R. Joseph, Domenick D. Joseph and William Joseph.

Its name sometimes appears printed as "Presswell Records Mfg. Co." or "Presswell Records" on test pressings or abbreviated on the labels of vinyl releases as "PR," "(PR)," or "PR," either as a standalone plant code or as a suffix appended to the label matrix numbers (e.g., "ST-A-#####-PR" or "ST-A-##### PR"), chiefly on Atlantic Recording Corporation-affiliated releases.
Example: Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns Featuring Maceo Parker - A Blow For Me, A Toot To You

Likewise, on PolyGram-manufactured and other PolyGram-related vinyl releases, it can often be identified the by pressing plant code identification number 18 printed on the labels.
Example: Kurtis Blow - The Breaks

It is also known to have made metal parts for Research Craft and Monarch Record Mfg. Co. In such cases, use the "Mastered At" company role.
Example: Bad Company (3) - Bad Company

Pressings may also be identified by "PR," "(PR)" or "(PR)P" etched in runouts.
Example: Milt Jackson - Bags & Flutes

However, not to be confused with "PR" etchings in runouts between June 1970 and April 1972 by Philips Recording Company, Inc., or after April 1972 by PRC Recording Company, Richmond, IN.

Two-step vinyl pressing ring configurations:
1960 to 1973: 32/70mm
1968 to 1984: 35/70mm

Contact Info:

Presswell Records Manufacturing Company
White Horse Pike and Bates Mill Road
Hammonton, New Jersey
+1 (609) 561-5250
(Contact info now obsolete)

Presswell Records Manufacturing Company
Whitehorse Pike and Ehrke Road
Ancora (Winslow Township), NJ 08095
+1 (609) 561-5250
(Contact info now obsolete)


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