A major Spanish label, founded by José Manuel Vidal Zapater in 1953. Mainly focused in Classical and Spanish music, they were acquired by EMI in 1985.

Please note that the company Hispavox, S.A. has manufactured and distributed releases in Spain for many different labels. These releases should be submitted under their correct labels and not as Hispavox, unless they're branded as Hispavox or as "Distributed by...".

Please note that, after the EMI-takeover in 1985, some Hispavox releases also carry an EMI logo. In these cases EMI should not be added as a label, since the boxed EMI-logo that appears with the Hispavox label merely implies that Hispavox formed part of the EMI Group, not that EMI was a label itself".

Parent Label:Hispavox, S.A.
Sublabels:Ases Del Fandango, Con El Paso Del Tiempo, Estilos Flamencos, Grabaciones Historicas, Grandes Canciones De, Historia De La Música En 10 Volúmenes, La Revista, Los Grandes Exitos De La Zarzuela, Maestros De La Guitarra, Mira Las Laminas Escucha El Disco Lee El Libro, ...
Contact Info:

Hispavox, S.A.
Torrelaguna 64

First address (50s - 60s):
Calle Cartagena, 62 - 64
Madrid - 2

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