Rotterdam Records


The first Dutch Hardcore/Gabber label. Founded in 1992 by Paul Elstak.

After almost 10 years (a bit less) of dedication and hard work Paul Elstak decided to quit at Mid-Town Records to start his own label Offensive Records at Rige Entertainment.
DJ Neophyte and DJ Panic took control of this label and 3 other labels (Forze Records, Neophyte Records & Terror Traxx). And they changed it completely, making more room for new talented producers and they changed the sound of Rotterdam Records. If you compare the older releases with the new releases you can definitely hear it.

In 2011 the owner Mid-Town B.V. sold all the rights of the music previously released on their labels.

On the second of October 2012 Mid-Town Holding, Mid-Town Distribution and Mid-Town Records, owner of Rotterdam Records went bankrupt and the label stopped releasing. The company with it's stock, labels logo's but without the licensing have been put on auction the same month. The company has not been auctioned in whole but each part such as the Rotterdam Records label have been put on separate auction.

Parent Label:Mid-Town Records
Sublabels:Forze Records, Rotterdam Records Classics, Rotterdam Records Special, Rotterdam Tekno, Terror Traxx
Contact Info:

Mid-Town Records,
Koperslagerstraat 4-6,
3077 MD,
The Netherlands.

Tel: +31 (0)104830444
Fax: +31 (0)104832333
E-Mail: check websites for various addresses , MySpace , Wikipedia


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