Farmacia901 is a media-network based in Italy and founded around principles of beauty as minimalism, music as design and sound as malleable material, fusing elements ranging from experimental electronics to sound art and microsounds. The label focuses on releasing sound works via limited edition CDs, art-objects and digital works that combine a deeply emotional aim with a clear conceptual framework and aesthetic vision.

Farmacia (English, Pharmacy, derives its name from the Greek root pharmakon, a drug) is the branch of the health sciences dealing with the preparation, dispensing, manufacture, formulation, quality control and proper utilization of medicaments used to treat disease. The majority of modern medicaments consist of tablets, capsules and injections, all produced under stringent conditions. It also known as a place where drugs are compounded or sold.

901 are data.
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Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
CS01 Field: Atom(s) Entropy  album cover Fabio Perletta Field: Atom(s) Entropy(CD, EP, Ltd) Farmacia901 CS01 Italy 2013 Sell This Version
F90101 Vuoto  album cover Vuoto(CDr, Album, Ltd) Farmacia901 F90101 Italy 2008 Sell This Version
F90102 3048  album cover Erik Ursich 3048(CDr, Album) Farmacia901 F90102 Italy 2009 Sell This Version
F90103 Riflessione Compositiva Di Assemblaggi Possibili  album cover Tiziano Milani Riflessione Compositiva Di Assemblaggi Possibili(CDr, Album) Farmacia901 F90103 Italy 2009 Sell This Version
F90104 HORVS  album cover MDF HORVS(File, MP3) Farmacia901 F90104 Italy 2010
F90105 Ianurek 5.0 X 100  album cover Kaeba Ianurek 5.0 X 100(CD, Album) Farmacia901 F90105 Italy 2010 Sell This Version
F90106 Vir-Uz  album cover MB* + ICS (2) MB* + ICS (2) - Vir-Uz(CD, Album, Ltd) Farmacia901 F90106 Italy 2012 Sell This Version
F90107 Circadian Rhythm, Sleep Disorder  album cover Ubik (12) Circadian Rhythm, Sleep Disorder(CD, Album) Farmacia901 F90107 Italy 2012 Sell This Version
F90108 (Advance Sampler)  album cover Be Invisible Now! (Advance Sampler) (Album) F90108 Italy 2012 Sell This Version
F90109 Blue.Hour  album cover Yann Novak Blue.Hour(CD, EP, Ltd) Farmacia901 F90109 Italy 2013 Sell This Version
F90110 Undefined  album cover Richard Chartier & Yann Novak Richard Chartier & Yann Novak - Undefined (Album) F90110 Italy 2013 Sell This Version
F90111 Interstitial Spaces  album cover Fabio Perletta Interstitial Spaces(CD, Ltd) Farmacia901 F90111 Italy 2014 Sell This Version
F90112 Fahl  album cover Asmus Tietchens Fahl(Minimax, Ltd) Farmacia901 F90112 Italy 2014 Sell This Version
F90113 Liminality  album cover Yann Novak + Fabio Perletta Yann Novak + Fabio Perletta - Liminality(File, FLAC, Album, 24b) Dragon's Eye Recordings, Farmacia901 F90113 US 2014
F90114 Kunshi  album cover Inner8 Kunshi(File, EP) Farmacia901 F90114 Italy 2015
F90115 Frequencies (Sound Quanta)  album cover Nicolas Bernier Frequencies (Sound Quanta)(100xFile, AIFF, WAV, Album, Ltd, Tra) Farmacia901, Mote Studio F90115 Canada 2015
F90116 Kaikō 邂逅   album cover Haruo Okada + Fabio Perletta Haruo Okada + Fabio Perletta - Kaikō 邂逅 (File, FLAC, Album) Farmacia901 F90116 Italy 2015
F90117 Elision  album cover Pinkcourtesyphone & Gwyneth Wentink Pinkcourtesyphone & Gwyneth Wentink - Elision(CD, EP) Farmacia901 F90117 Italy 2016 Sell This Version
F90118 Kailash  album cover Shinkei + Luigi Turra Shinkei + Luigi Turra - Kailash(File, FLAC, Album + Box, Boo) Farmacia901 F90118 Italy 2016 Sell This Version
F90119 Māyopama  album cover Miguel Isaza Māyopama(8xFile, ALAC, Album) Farmacia901 F90119 Italy 2017
F90120 Rumor  album cover Joaquín Gutiérrez Hadid Rumor(File, FLAC, WAV, Album) Farmacia901 F90120 Italy 2017
F90121 Night Thoughts  album cover Jared Sagar Night Thoughts(File, FLAC, WAV, Album) Farmacia901 F90121 Italy 2017
Q01 [ Q01 ]  album cover Various [ Q01 ](File, ALAC, FLAC, MP3, Comp) Farmacia901 Q01 Italy 2014
Q02 [ Q02 ]  album cover Various [ Q02 ](4xFile, FLAC, Comp) Farmacia901 Q02 Italy 2014
Q03 [ Q03 ]  album cover Various [ Q03 ](File, ALAC, FLAC, MP3, Comp) Farmacia901 Q03 Italy 2014
Q04 [ Q04 ]  album cover Various [ Q04 ](4xFile, FLAC, Comp) Farmacia901 Q04 Italy 2014
Q05 [ Q05 ]   album cover Various [ Q05 ] (File, ALAC, FLAC, MP3, Comp) Farmacia901 Q05 Italy 2014
Q06 [ Q06 ]   album cover Various [ Q06 ] (4xFile, MP3, Comp) Farmacia901 Q06 Italy 2014
Q07 [ Q07 ]  album cover Various [ Q07 ](File, ALAC, FLAC, MP3, Comp) Farmacia901 Q07 Italy 2015
Q08 [ Q08 ]  album cover Various [ Q08 ](File, ALAC, FLAC, MP3, Comp) Farmacia901 Q08 Italy 2015
Q11 [ Q11 ]  album cover Various [ Q11 ](File, AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, MP3, Comp) Farmacia901 Q11 Italy 2016