Recording and mastering studio, based in in Manhattan, New York.
Owned and founded in 1969 by John Roberts (50) and Joel Rosenman,
inside a former Baptist Church in downtown Manhattan.
Supervision for the studio's planning and design was entrusted to Harry Hirsch
and Bob Walters was involved since the early days.
The studio was famous and appreciated over the years for the ability of its engineers
to better adapt to the most varied musical genres (Rock, Soul, R&B, Jazz, etc ...)
and for the particular sound that was obtained from its recording studios,
in particular Studio A, which had been set up in the nave of the pre-existing church.
Mediasound Studios closed in the early 1990s.
Also credited as :
- Media Sound
- Media Sound Studios, NYC
- Media Sound Studios, New York
- Media Sound Recording Studios
- Media Sound, Inc
- Media Sound, Inc. New York
- Media Sound, NYC
- Media Sound, New York
- Media Sound, New York City
- Mediasound, New York
- Mediasound Studios
- Mediasound, Inc, NYC

Engineers known to have worked here :
- Fred Christie (Chief recording in the 70's)
- Ray Janos (Chief mastering in the 70's)
- Michael Barbiero
- Tony Bongiovi
- Michael Christopher (2)
- Bob Clearmountain
- Nicholas Dembling
- Gerald Gabinelli (Staff engineer)
- Gregg Mann
- José Rodriguez
- Alan Varner
- Carl Beatty
- Michael DeLugg
- Godfrey Diamond
- Doug Epstein
- Joe Jorgensen
- Harvey Goldberg
- Michael H. Brauer
- Jeffrey Lesser
- Ron St. Germain
- Ed Stasium
- Bill Stein
- Don Wershba
- Walt Copeland

Contact Info:

Media Sounds, Inc.
311 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019
Phone: (212) 765-4700
(Contact info now obsolete)

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