Enough Records

Enough Records

Enough Records is a Portuguese netlabel with a strong demo scene background that promotes, distributes and hosts music from artists who agreed to release through them - for free. It is run by Filipe Cruz.

Their emphasis lies in electronica, IDM, postrock, industrial, noise, glitch, drone and dark ambient.

Enough Records was founded in 2001 by Fred, H4rv3st and ps. Managed and curated by ps alone since 2003.


Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
14-466886-10 Michel Polnareff Bande Originale Du Film 'La Vengeance Du Serpent A Plumes'(CD, Album) Epic 14-466886-10 France 1984 Sell This Version
enrcmp01 Various Dreamers Of Dreams(19xFile, MP3, Comp, 256) Enough Records, Enough Records enrcmp01 Portugal 2002
enrcmp02 Various Retork(12xFile, MP3, Comp + 2xFile, ogg, Comp) Enough Records enrcmp02 Portugal 2003
enrcmp03 Various Dark Vault(17xFile, ogg) Enough Records enrcmp03 Portugal 2004
enrcmp04 Various Alien Artifact(9xFile, ogg) Enough Records enrcmp04 Portugal 2005
enrcmp05 Various Sound Research(7xFile, MP3) Enough Records enrcmp05 Portugal 2007
enrcmp06 Various Falésia (Comp) enrcmp06 Portugal 2007 Sell This Version
enrcmp07 Various Datacross.1(6xFile, MP3) Enough Records enrcmp07 Portugal 2007
enrcmp08 Various Dark Vault 2(11xFile, MP3, Comp) Enough Records enrcmp08 Portugal 2008
enrcmp09 Various The Pagan Years: A Tribute To RMM(11xFile, MP3, Comp) Enough Records enrcmp09 Portugal 2008
enrcmp10 Various Enough Dubs(8xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Enough Records enrcmp10 Portugal 2008
enrcmp11 Various Falésia 2(File, MP3, Comp) Enough Records enrcmp11 Portugal 2008
enrcmp12 Various This Is Industrial [PT] (Comp) enrcmp12 Portugal 2008 Sell This Version
enrcmp13 Various Falésia 3 (Comp) enrcmp13 Portugal 2010 Sell This Version
enrcmp14 Various Enough Dubs 2 (Comp) enrcmp14 Portugal 2010 Sell This Version
enrcmp15 Various Mystified Drone Medley(File, MP3, Comp, 320) Enough Records enrcmp15 Portugal 2010
enrcmp18 Various 100 Years Of Noise - Public Domain Celebration Release(20xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Enough Records enrcmp18 Portugal 2013
enrcmp19 Various 100 Years Of Noise - Final Release(31xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Enough Records enrcmp19 Portugal 2013
enrcmp334 Lemur (5) Lemur(15xFile, MP3, Comp, VBR) Enough Records enrcmp334 Portugal 2013
enrmix01 ps FrostClick Special(File, MP3, Mixed, VBR) Enough Records enrmix01 Portugal 2009
enrmix02 ps SamuraiFM Special(File, MP3, Mixed, VBR) Enough Records enrmix02 Portugal 2009
enrmix03 ps Op3n035(File, MP3, Mixed, Smplr, VBR) Enough Records, Op3n.net enrmix03 Portugal 2009
enrmix04 ps Mantis030(File, MP3, Mixed, VBR) Enough Records enrmix04 Portugal 2009
enrmix05 Braindance (3) Shotmix05(File, MP3, Mixed, 128) Enough Records enrmix05 Portugal 2009
enrmix06 ps ConnexionBizarre Special 071119(File, MP3, Mixed, VBR) Enough Records enrmix06 Portugal 2007
enrmix07 ps NTTL Special 091121 enrmix07 Portugal 2009 Sell This Version
enrmix08 Merankorii Zero Is Enough - Special RadiaLX 100704(File, MP3, Mixed) Enough Records enrmix08 Portugal 2010
enrmix09 ps Discrepant Special 101230(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) Enough Records enrmix09 Portugal 2011
enrmix10 ps Fungus Cerebri Special 110516(File, MP3, Mixed, VBR) Enough Records enrmix10 Portugal 2011
enrmix11 Various Free Music Archive Special 110730(14xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Enough Records, Free Music Archive enrmix11 Portugal 2011
enrmix15 Various 99 Anonymous Mixtape 4(File, MP3, Mixed) Enough Records enrmix15 Portugal 2012
enrmix16 Various 99 Anonymous Mixtape 5(File, MP3, Mixed) Enough Records enrmix16 Portugal 2012
enrmix25 Various Enough Records Mixtape for CC Europe Meeting(2xFile, MP3, Mixtape, VBR) Enough Records enrmix25 Portugal 2016
ENRMP001 ps From My Own Little Corner(3xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP001 Portugal 2002
ENRMP002 Inf* Unexpected Journey Onwards(5xFile, MP3, VBR) Enough Records ENRMP002 Portugal 2002
ENRMP003 Argon Old Contrast(4xFile, MP3, 128) Enough Records ENRMP003 Portugal 2002
ENRMP004 Skyfusion Lorelei(4xFile, MP3, 128) Enough Records ENRMP004 Portugal 2002
ENRMP005 Esquema Substanze Sekuenz(3xFile, MP3, 128) Enough Records ENRMP005 Portugal 2002
ENRMP006 Lost_Bit Ancient Stones EP(5xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP006 Portugal 2002
ENRMP007 Atomchild Paradox 1(6xFile, MP3, 128) Enough Records ENRMP007 Portugal 2002
ENRMP008 Friendly Robber A Flu(4xFile, MP3, 192) Enough Records ENRMP008 Portugal 2002
ENRMP009 ps Benfield No Travel Sprite Bubbles And A Rice Cup Of Cake(2xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP009 Portugal 2002
ENRMP010 Inf* Memories Of A Future Sunset(4xFile, MP3, 256) Enough Records ENRMP010 Portugal 2002
ENRMP011 Frame (7) Sons Do Lago(14xFile, MP3, Alb) Enough Records ENRMP011 Portugal 2002
ENRMP012 ps I Love You(10xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP012 Portugal 2002
ENRMP013 ps Don't(2xFile, MP3, 192 + File, MP3, 160) Enough Records ENRMP013 Portugal 2002
ENRMP014 Lost_Bit For Whom The Bell Tolls(File, ogg) Enough Records ENRMP014 Portugal 2002
ENRMP015 Esquema Flexdraw(5xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP015 Portugal 2002
ENRMP016 Fast Idio He Made Me Eat Grass(File, MP3, 192) Enough Records ENRMP016 Portugal 2002
enrmp017 Bitmoth Miss Parka(6xFile, MP3) Enough Records enrmp017 Portugal 2003
ENRMP018 Nightech Winter Loss(11xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP018 Portugal 2003
ENRMP019 Serakhe0n Signal(8xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP019 Portugal 2003
ENRMP020 KS (3) Teirce(4xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP020 Portugal 2003
ENRMP021 Dead Wings Flight Airports And Landscapes N°1(3xFile, MP3, 192) Enough Records ENRMP021 Portugal 2003
ENRMP022 Deison Scene Missing(5xFile, MP3, 192) Enough Records ENRMP022 Portugal 2003
ENRMP023 Moan Works: 1999 - 2002(10xFile, MP3, Comp) Enough Records ENRMP023 Portugal 2003
ENRMP024 Nightech Silence Of The Noise(14xFile, MP3, Album) Enough Records ENRMP024 Portugal 2003
ENRMP025 Garlik Capsule Allium Sativum(5xFile, MP3, 256) Enough Records ENRMP025 Portugal 2003
ENRMP026 Quelnt Purveyors Of Reason And Law(File, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP026 Portugal 2003
ENRMP027 Aljon Neirosteps(11xFile, MP3, Album, 192) Enough Records ENRMP027 Portugal 2003
ENRMP028 Sinusjog Demo(4xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP028 Portugal 2003
ENRMP029 ps Everything Is Useless Without You(6xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP029 Portugal 2003
ENRMP030 Duncan Avoid Cybernetics(13xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP030 Portugal 2003
ENRMP031 Ezequiel Rivero Sin Suposiciones(5xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP031 Portugal 2003
enrmp032 Ckz Dim Shrewd And Innuendo(13xFile, MP3, Album, 192) Enough Records enrmp032 Portugal 2003
ENRMP033 Btb Brkid(4xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP033 Portugal 2004
ENRMP034 m__ Mono EP(8xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP034 Portugal 2004
ENRMP035 Vägskäl Last Summer(5xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP035 Portugal 2004
ENRMP036 Plagasul El Año De La Plaga(4xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP036 Portugal 2004
ENRMP037 Vizion Spectral Duality And Slow Motion Duels(3xFile, MP3, 192 + File, MP3, 128 + EP) Enough Records ENRMP037 Portugal 2004 Sell This Version
ENRMP038 I.L.I. Fanahej(3xFile, MP3, 192) Enough Records ENRMP038 Portugal 2004
ENRMP039 rngmnn Off The Bridge(3xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP039 Portugal 2004
ENRMP040 NNY offear.ep(5xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP040 Portugal 2004
ENRMP041 Aquarelle Era Uma Vez Uma Cortina...(8xFile, MP3, 192) Enough Records ENRMP041 Portugal 2004
enrmp042 Jari Pitkänen Conv(5xFile, MP3, EP, 256) Enough Records enrmp042 Portugal 2004
ENRMP043 Fabrice Planquette Trace(s)(5xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP043 Portugal 2004
ENRMP044 Krabatof Philharmonic Orchestra Insect's Brain(7xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP044 Portugal 2004
enrmp045 Jari Pitkänen Time Exp(5xFile, MP3, 256) Enough Records enrmp045 Portugal 2005
enrmp046 Nicky Apple Buba Calinou(7xFile, MP3, 192 + File, MP3, 160 + 2xFile, MP3, 1) Enough Records enrmp046 Portugal 2005 Sell This Version
enrmp047 Phelios MCMLII(4xFile, MP3, VBR) Enough Records enrmp047 Portugal 2005
ENRMP048 Mystified Pirate(11xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP048 Portugal 2005
ENRMP049 Gilo Chasing The Dragon(3xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP049 Portugal 2005
enrmp050 Mystified Felon(11xFile, MP3, Album, 192) Enough Records enrmp050 Portugal 2005
enrmp051 Mutantlab Mass Mutation(8xFile, MP3, 192 + File, MP3, 224) Enough Records enrmp051 Portugal 2005
enrmp052 Combo (2) WonderLand(4xFile, MP3, EP, 192) Enough Records enrmp052 Portugal 2005
enrmp053 Jukka-Pekka Flander Lupaus(4xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Enough Records enrmp053 Portugal 2005
enrmp054 Macon Tights Rathead EP(6xFile, MP3, EP, 192) Enough Records enrmp054 Portugal 2005
enrmp055 Gilo Studio 6(13xFile, MP3, Album, VBR) Enough Records enrmp055 Portugal 2005
enrmp056 Edoardo Romani Capello Norydes(5xFile, MP3, 256) Enough Records enrmp056 Portugal 2005
enrmp057 Line Noise Magenta Moon(2xFile, MP3, EP, 192) Enough Records enrmp057 Portugal 2005
enrmp058 ILI* Sighes Of The Broken Guitar(10xFile, MP3, Album, 192) Enough Records enrmp058 Portugal 2005
enrmp059 Lesvicon Soul Deep Breath EP(3xFile, MP3, EP, 192) Enough Records enrmp059 Portugal 2006
enrmp060 Lithis Untitled EP(6xFile, MP3, EP, 192 + 2xFile, MP3, VBR) Enough Records enrmp060 Portugal 2006
ENRMP061 Macon Tights Field Studies EP(7xFile, MP3, EP, 192) Enough Records ENRMP061 Portugal 2006
ENRMP062 rngmnn Problem Area Rdw(3xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP062 Portugal 2006
ENRMP063 Beatoven Proj.ekt.168 V3.0(3xFile, MP3, 128) Enough Records ENRMP063 Portugal 2006
ENRMP064 Firnwald Elft(10xFile, MP3, Album, 192) Enough Records ENRMP064 Portugal 2006
ENRMP065 Infetu Simulacra EP(3xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP065 Portugal 2006
ENRMP066 Cobra (12) Lobo Holocausto(File, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP066 Portugal 2006
ENRMP067 K.M. Krebs & Mystified K.M. Krebs & Mystified - Reclaiming The Darkness(12xFile, MP3) Enough Records ENRMP067 Portugal 2006