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No U Turn Records is a UK based record label owned and run by Nico (4) (Nicholas Kristian Sykes).
A visionary producer and pioneer of drum & bass driven Techstep, he helped develop ground breaking artists such as Ed Rush, Trace, Rymetyme, Fierce, Silent Witness & Break and labels including Virus, Quarantine, DSCi4, 1210, DNAudio and more.
No U Turn remains today a legendary outlet for cutting edge, dark, ground breaking drum & bass having helped to shape the scene into a far stretching, progressive mentality.

Parent Label:No U-Turn Records Ltd.
Sublabels:Nu Black, Saigon, Turn U On
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  • ottomanmusick's avatar
    While certainly defining the dark side of drum and bass with no nonsense or posturing, no u turn also created the foundations for stripped down dubstep; not only by the turn u on sublabel (respect to horsepower), but by reducing the jungle elements to a concentrated mixture, wearing puffy jackets and smoking a lot of weed. Do you know what I'm sayin? Respect to Nico and the gang.
    • DANNYBOY84's avatar
      Selected quotes from the No U-Turn website:

      Fierce "It's a room the likes of which, unfortunately, many will never experience."

      Optiv "When I visited the No U Turn studios as a teenager, I expected to spend 15 minutes in the place. Nico spent the whole day with me enthusing about the music whilst being inspiring and supportive."

      Ryme Tyme "Without No U Turn we wouldn't have had Virus, 1210, Quarantine, dsci4 and the like"

      Nicky Blackmarket "ORIGINALS!!!".

      Ruffkutt "No u turn studios the first place i felt music in a different way !!! great sessions big up Nico Toby Neil and crew."

      Bailey "Who'd have known that what was going on in that unit would spawn new chapters in Drum & Bass. That's what happens when you make music that's a true expression of feelings".

      Trace "Anyone want anything from the garage?"
      • nonplusjungle's avatar
        If you've missed this label you don't really know techstep. Great stuff.
        • techstepper's avatar
          The deepest, darkest and nastiest Drum & Bass ever made. The crew of Trace, Ed Rush and Nico were arguably single handedly responsible for the creation of the techstep genre with their remix of T Power and MK Ultra's 'Horny Mutant Jazz', and then pushed the sound to it's nihilistic limit with the 'Torque' album, a classic of any music genre. Also laid the foundations of the neurofunk sub-genre with Ryme Tyme's 'We Enter' on the Saigon offshoot and possibly the Dubstep genre, having released Horsepower Productions' early tunes on Turn U On. No U-Turn will always have a place in Drum & Bass history as having released the darkest ones...

          No U-Turn - Hurter's Mission