Black Lion Records


UK label (some logos are Black Lion). Sometimes both logos can be found, one on the cover, the other on the label.

The label was introduced by Alan Bates in 1968, so please don't confuse earlier P&C marks with release dates. If not sure, the date should stay vacant. Instead to provide incorrect dates, please denote the distributor and other identifiers that could help to find a reasonable date by times.
The UK headquarter was in London. For some time the label was distributed by Polydor.

Releases with cat# BLP 12xxx are mostly British Dixieland and traditional jazz
Releases with cat# BLP 30xxx are mostly US swing, bop and hard-bop

The earliest Black Lion Records have distinct pink/yellow center labels and are marketed by Transatlantic Records Ltd.

Starting somewhere during 1972 Black Lion Records were released and distributed In Germany by Intercord (see Billboard 4 June 1972, page 52).
Since at least 1987 the German distributor is Deutsche Austrophon GmbH & Co. KG.

Starting November 1973, Black Lion Records was exclusively distributed in North America by Audiofidelity Enterprises, Inc. (see Billboard 15 Sept. 1973 and 10 Nov. 1973).
These US releases cannot, therefore, predate 1973. US catalog numbers start with prefix BL, followed by three digits.

Parent Label:Black Lion Productions Ltd.
Sublabels:Black Lion Masterpiece, Britain's Jazz Heritage, Freedom, Storyville Series
Contact Info:

Black Lion Records
Alan Bates
5 St. Peter's Villas
London W6


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