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Selfish Recordings was established in 1990 by performing songwriters and studio producers Bobby Moon and Paul ‘Pablo’ Thomas.
Selfish Recordings is a grass roots, truly independent boutique label founded to put out music created and produced by the duo. Since all the work to run a record label were done by the two, the concept of ‘I Can Do It All By My Self-ish’ was developed and implemented. Thus the label’s name.

Selfish Recordings began to release albums by the Funk/Latin/Tropical fusion group Spellbound, as well as, music from the Psychedelic artist Pablo, and Bobby Moon’s solo work. In 2012 Selfish released “Faded Blue Jeans” the 1st ever English album by Cuban singer/diva Candi Sosa.

In 2018 Selfish Recordings celebrates it’s 28th Anniversary and the label’s 32nd release with Spellbound’s “The Main Hustle!”
With no end in sight Selfish Recordings forges forward independently with it’s sound and vision.

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