30D Records

30D Records

30D Records is an electronic music label created by 30drop in autumn 2014. Fundamentally it strives to innovate and experiment within Techno and other electronic music underground styles.

Taking Science Fiction as its inspiration, 30D Records seeks to delve into syncopated rhythms and the deepest textures and atmospheres hidden inside the mathematics of the universe to channel them through Electronic Music. A particular sound that resonates through the bond between Detroit Techno and the darkest European Techno, yet always with the goal of going one step beyond in evolving the style, creating timeless music that is a far cry from fashions and trends.

Our premises are clear: the Universe, Science Fiction, real minimalism and experimentation. Melded with an interdisciplinary approach, they become greater than their parts to create a distinctive visionary sound. Angel Molina is an important part of the label where he brings his experience and knowledge of electronic music as an Artistic Advisor and resident DJ for the label.

30D Records is made up of 5 thematic Sub-Labels or Series:

30D | 30drop
Where the music of the 30drop project itself is produced. The influences defining 30drop are blended in this series into an experimental electronic synths lines ensemble. In addition to the 30drop project, other guest artists express their vision of the enigmatic producer’s work as remixes or collaborative tracks.
- Direct Link: https://www.discogs.com/label/1466295-30D-30drop

30D | ExoPlanets
An Exoplanet is a planet that orbits a star other than our Sun, so it belongs to another solar system. This is how the ExoPlanets Series was born: several renowned guest producers offer their vision of the Universe and the Future, reflecting on the existential doubts that define the human condition.
- Direct Link: https://www.discogs.com/label/1447462-30D-ExoPlanets

30D | Close Encounters
Close Encounters brings various producers together under a single musical concept. Released as EPs with one track per artist, aims to recreate the feelings and interactions of a probable encounter between beings from different planets.
- Direct Link: https://www.discogs.com/label/1368135-30D-Close-Encounters

30D | Eyes Have It
Sub-label/Series dedicated to the more industrious and experimental dark sounds where worldwide artists are released to express their dark side. The Lucio Fulci’s movies iconic scary-eyes synthesizes the series essence perfectly. “Eyes Have It” builds the fundamentals for the boundless experimentation, lightlesness, cold and mechanical dynamics. ‘Eyes Have It’ is managed as A&R by the label’s resident DJ Angel Molina.
- Direct Link: https://www.discogs.com/label/1466291-30D-Eyes-Have-It

30D | Mixes
The tunes in this series are DJ mixes and Livesets by artists from around the world, in a limited edition cassette format. Pieces for collectors and music-lovers that can also be listened to, and some of them downloaded for free in digital format from this website.
- Direct Link: https://www.discogs.com/label/1447466-30D-Mixes
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Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
30D-001 30drop Vacuum Geometry EP (EP) 30D-001 Spain 2014 Sell This Version
30D-002 30drop Resonance Vortex EP (EP) 30D-002 Spain 2015 Sell This Version
30D-003 30drop Superconductivity EP (EP) 30D-003 Spain 2015 Sell This Version
30D-004 30drop History Of Gods EP (EP) 30D-004 Spain 2016 Sell This Version
30D-005 30drop Unusual Extremes (Maxi) 30D-005 Spain 2016 Sell This Version
30D/006 30drop meets Arpanet 30drop meets Arpanet - Phases EP (EP) 30D/006 Spain 2018 Sell This Version
30DCE-001 Various First Contact EP (EP) 30DCE-001 Spain 2017 Sell This Version
30DEXO-001 Population One Time Will Tell EP (EP) 30DEXO-001 Spain 2015 Sell This Version
30DEXO-002 The Entity (10) Unified Theory EP (EP) 30DEXO-002 Spain 2015 Sell This Version
30DEXO-003 Univac (3) Unknown Radio EP (EP) 30DEXO-003 Spain 2016 Sell This Version
30DEXO-004 ORYX 9 Abstraction Trail(12", EP) 30D Records 30DEXO-004 Spain 2016 Sell This Version
30DEXO-005 Terrence Dixon Digital Ladder EP (EP) 30DEXO-005 Spain 2017 Sell This Version
30DEYES-001 Isolated Lines Shelter EP (EP) 30DEYES-001 Spain 2018 Sell This Version
30DLP-001 30drop The Time Of Cruel Miracles LP (Album) 30DLP-001 Spain 2017 Sell This Version
30D-MIX001 30drop Live(Cass, Ltd, Num) 30D Records 30D-MIX001 Spain 2016 Sell This Version
30D-MIX002 ORYX 9 DJ Mix(Cass, Ltd, Num) 30D Records 30D-MIX002 Spain 2016 Sell This Version
30D-MIX003 HD Substance DJ Mix(Cass, Ltd, Num) 30D Records 30D-MIX003 Spain 2016 Sell This Version
30D-MIX004 Trolley Route DJ Mix(Cass, Ltd, Num) 30D Records 30D-MIX004 Spain 2016 Sell This Version
30D-MIX005 Angel Molina DJ Mix - PS14(Cass, Ltd, Mixed, Num) 30D Records 30D-MIX005 Spain 2017 Sell This Version