Electronic music label based in Weimar, Germany who manufacture & design their own limited covers for each release.
B2B Direct Selling Only.

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post[at]giegling[dot]net , Facebook , Soundcloud


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  • matthijsmbcremers's avatar
    Does anyone have any Giegling posters for sale? I'm looking for a few.

    Please let me know if you'd be willing to sell any to me :)
    • incupa97's avatar
      Edited one month ago
      lovely label, of course. if only they'd start doing digi releases... it's a shame to gatekeep such good music
      don't wanna go into technicalities, but my request does have a lot to do with sound quality, which I'm sure the guys are super passionate about. vinyl is amazing and needs to coexist next to digi versions which absolutely preserve the master tape quality. Pretty sure a lot of people would love to support this music on a digi (eg. bandcamp) release, listen it on Spotify... Much love
      • bpohara
        Anyone able to figure out what is going on with Giegling? The page source from their website reveals a message:

        "hallo ?

        da ist nichts

        do you love me ?
no more trust

        10 years of illusions

        for those who dont know

        do it myself

        see yourself

        changing the world is easy

        from now on no more Music


        alles ist da
i love you
no more doubt

        10 years of miracles

        for those who know
do it together

        see myself
changing myself is easy

        from now on only music"
        • Mindfuldb's avatar
          This whole debate between represses to discogs prices and supply/demand is subjective - I’ve paid more for vinyls in store that I truly enjoy before going on my phone and checking the price on discogs. While some prices may seem inflated, not everyone’s gonna pay that at the end of the day - some of this music means more than others, it’s not hype, it’s what you like. And what is wrong with doing releases at parties limited in a secretive-esqe fashion? Adds a layer of mystic to the whole thing which creates a memory for you if you so happened to be there to pick it up - just as the NDATL series does during Movement with their party.

          At the end of the day, everybody’s got a taste for whatever they want to listen to. My opinion, I think it’s awesome to some of the tidbits that giegling does with their releases, such as their popular “2 The Sky” release with the double crosses - every cover has different pictures or designs drawn on them.

          And sometimes limited release makes a release special! Because not everybody has it, and that’s what makes some DJ shows unique - not all crates are equal! Limited release in a sense creates that individuality to which you might not be able to get ahold of “this” release, but you might be lucky enough to come across “that” release. I find that joy of digging with vinyl, coming across something rare that not many people have. And if you’re a fan, you can see what dictates somebody’s style, whether their collection is filled with stuff that has millions of views, or a collection that contains hard to find unknown stuff.
          • Myrekkids's avatar
            As much as I like the music and artwork, the sleeves smell like old moisty carton that has been laying in the attic for a couple years.
            • sebastian's avatar
              Label with more comments about presses, represses, mispresses, prices, sellers, sharks, release dates, missed dates, record covers, banal rationalizations and other coping mechanisms than music itself… as someone said sort of like unhealthy relationships.
              • TriHard's avatar
                One of the best label's around today, truly unique and special records. Giegling ∞
                • dMrLazy's avatar
                  This label's doing everything right. The artwork, packaging, heartfelt sounds and just the overall aesthetic is right up my alley. Just keep doing what you're doing guys.