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Ha'achim Music

Ha'achim Music ™ -
Tel Aviv-based reissue label run by
Yotam & Asaf Doktor (Ha'achim).

"Ha'achim" is an Israeli restaurant established in the summer of 2011 by the two brothers, Assaf and Yotam Doktor, in the heart of Tel Aviv. It began as a culinary dream based on childhood memories of flavors and smells from Sabbat afternoons at local steakhouses, and turned throughout the years into a place that celebrates Israel’s cuisine and culture. The motto that guides the brothers and restaurant is that "if we are already here, we might as well have some fun" It is easy to focus on the downsides related to the security, social, economic and political situation - and thank God we have a lot of those - but there are also many reasons for joy and pride. Our music is one of them. The ‘’Nadir’’ Collection is dedicated to local music from the same love for local culture. Much of the music that makes up these collections has been playing in the restaurant in recent years on a daily basis and has already become loved and popular among our young audience. Now, with the help of our favorite music curators, "Nadir" has been exposed with joy and pride to the rest of the public as well. As part of the project, a series of collections focusing on Israeli music has been produced, in order to express our appreciation to all those courageous artists who broke new paths, created a unique Israeli soundtrack, contributed to the shaping of culture and helped us become who we are today.

N A D I R Compilations (Vol 1-4)

Vol 1. | Compiled by Radio Trip
Vol 2. | Compiled by Fortuna Records
Vol 3. | Compiled by Red Axes
Vol 4. | Compiled by Niv Hadas & Amir Egozy

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Release Date:
April 2018

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