The Colours Of Enigma Alien5

January 31, 2019
Really unnecessary edition .. O.K. vinyl is again IN..
Ali true Enigma fans already have all these LP albums. This is just one in a series of attempts to live on the old glory.
And that's exactly what Michael Cret is constantly doing ... He constantly releases the same old albums over and over to get more money...
I bought up lot of the editions of Enigma's albums, and I will surely overcome edition this because it is too expensive and does not really bring anything new in sound...

The Colours Of Enigma Dj_Max-It

March 16, 2019
They are expensive, but they are also remastered. I don't have any of the albums on vinyl, so I enjoy the opportunity. It's a shame that the compilation is even more expensive.

The Colours Of Enigma rharris07

May 14, 2018
I was definitely excited about this series, and ordered so fast I didn’t even look at the price.

I have to say, after now having given each album a full listen (and some already spun multiple times), this was very well done. The die-cut jackets look awesome, art is really nice, and the music sounds so fresh and clean. Great job!

Now how about a unique collectors box to house all these albums in!?