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Unlike the vast majority of record labels out there we were born in a technologically advanced age, far away from baby boomers and companies that made music publishing overcomplicated to suit their needs. For us streaming is KING and we have figured out a way to monetize our catalogue by using ads, licensing, and publishing songs in every single outlet known to man. Our artists have access to detailed stats that show who listens to their songs, when, and from which specific platform so they can learn more about what works with audiences and what doesn’t. We also work very hard to assist musicians in every possible aspect of their careers, covering their expenses, and brokering sponsor deals. In order to produce the best results we keep BBR highly curated and only work with a few bands and artists at any given time. To accommodate as many people as we can without losing efficiency we have launched several dedicated sublabels that deal with highly specific subgenres of music.

Parent Label:Kassotis Records
Sublabels:Frontend, NCTA Éntekhno, Vegasonic
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