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Duophonic is a German disc mastering and cutting studio. In addition to cutting masters for vinyl records, the studio also masters digital audio formats and acts as a broker for manufacture of product such as records and CDs.

Formerly known as Duophonic GbR. Turned into a GmbH May 29th, 2015.

If DUOPHONIC.DE or appears in the CD mirror band or record lead-out area, please credit instead of this page.

Vinyl sometimes has "duoYYXXXX" in the vinyl runouts. The first 2 numbers indicate the year, starting in 2015.
Please credit Duophonic GmbH as follows:
Lacquer Cut By - Duophonic GmbH + the Duophonic number (e.g. duo183452).

Most disc cutting at Duophonic is performed by the owner Moritz Illner as indicated in the initials "MI" (which can be easily mistaken as "MD") appearing alongside the matrix number.

Known cutting engineers:
MI indicates Moritz Illner
JS indicates Johannes Schimmel

Sublabels:Duophonic GbR,
Contact Info:

duophonic GmbH
Ravenspurgerstraße 41 (Back building)
86150 Augsburg

Phone: +49 821 4300 757
E-Mail: [email protected] , Facebook


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