Nimbus, Virginia


American Nimbus plant located in Ruckersville, Virginia (in the north area of Charlottesville) and opened in September 1987.
Nimbus, Virginia can be identified with a (V) in the matrix. Plant name variations include NIMBUS (V) or MASTERED BY NIMBUS (V) with the (V) located in various parts of the matrix string. Please use a glass mastering credit when adding this information to the LCCN section. Nimbus, Virginia, a division of Nimbus CD International, Inc. manufactured CD-ROM's, software, blank media, compact discs and DVD's.

In 1998, Nimbus CD International was acquired by Carlton Communications-owned Technicolor. Nimbus branding continued to be used in the matrix of discs manufactured at Nimbus, Virginia until around 2001, at which time the Technicolor name replaced Nimbus.

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State Route 629
Guildford Farm
Ruckersville, Virginia 22968

Telephone: (804) 985-1100
Fax: (804) 985-2893


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