Garuda SecretRecipeRecords

June 27, 2015
Yepp no filters allows any shit to came out as an `Mega-Release´....basicly cooks up boring stuff again & again...heartless, without passion any and most of todays releases...sad but true!

Garuda Sophusgade

November 28, 2013
So true and well said Conzzor.

Garuda conzzor

January 4, 2013
edited over 5 years ago
Releasing trance every 2 weeks for the last year can only be a bad thing. This label is an absolute prime example of what is wrong with trance and most electronic music these days: it costs peanuts to put a tune on Beatport so there's no gamble, they can push whatever sound they want and because it's Gareth 'global superstar' Emery's label people buy it.

What happened to the days where it was a dog eat dog world, the labels that pressed up shit music went bust, died out, and the best labels sold records in big numbers giving mass audiences the crème de la crème. The financial constraints acted as quality control - the only way to make money was to invest money in records. Nowadays you can put any old tune on Beatport and it doesn't matter if people don't buy it. Garuda, you should be ashamed of some of the music you've put out! High profile label with shit releases? How is that even possible??

Garuda youseif

November 24, 2010
the rising label of the UK which i think will rise by the quality of trance releases just as Anjunabeats one day

Garuda maxxyme

September 3, 2013
...except it didn't, see above comment.