K.Ni.Bal Record


French, Hardcore and Speedcore Label.
K.Ni.Bal Record is a sub-division of ArtsKorps & Kbal Sound System.

Parent Label:Kbal Sound System
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  • LowEntropy's avatar
    When the Experimental Hardcore scene withered away in the late 90s, only very few labels kept on carrying the flag of smart, creative, mental and noizy Hardcore.One of them, and one of the best, too, was K-Ni-Bal.
    Based in France, and being the vinyl output of the Kbal sound system, this label released some true, wonderful, brilliant gems in hard electronic music.
    I always felt this label got a bit overlooked, especially when compared to other legends of Experimental Hardcore.
    These are some very aggressive, distorted sounds, that will kick you straight in the kneecaps.
    Splendid psychedelic noise experience!