Record label founded in Nottingham (UK) by Digby Pearson. Dedicated to extreme music, primarily but not exclusively extreme metal.

Label Code : LC 2164 / LC 6124 .

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Earache Records
Earache Records Ltd.
Earache Songs (UK) Ltd.

Sublabels:All Time Classics, BeastWax, Carcass - The Complete Pathologist's Report, Ear Rake, Elitist Records, Frequency Records (2), Grind Madness At The BBC - The Earache Peel Sessions, Into The Pit, Necrosis Records, Scorn Recordings, ...
Contact Info:

Earache UK & EU
Registered Office: 26 Handel Street, Nottingham NG3 1JE
e-mail: [email protected]

Earache US
Earache Records Inc.: 4402 11th Street, #400A Long Island City, NY 11101 USA
e-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 718 786 1707, Fax: 718 786 1756 , Facebook , X , Pinterest , Tumblr , , Wikipedia , Soundcloud , Bandcamp , YouTube , YouTube , Vimeo


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  • carlcrack's avatar
    piece of shit label, tricked artists into signing away their rights, doesn't pay royalties, and has violated copyright by selling merch without permission
    • seth75's avatar
      Hey earache, are you insane with you prices ?over 25 £ for color Lp in single you want to get rich on the scene ?? you releases are not the best but prices are some of the highest...FUCK EARACHE !!!!!!!!!!!
      • a.k.-77's avatar
        Digby Pearson 4 President!!!!

        Thanks a lot MAN!!!

        The first years about EARACHE RECORDS are one's of the best think even happened in Extreme Music.
        • bloodysabotagevol4's avatar
          Earache Full Dynamic Range releases are the absolute best thing to happen to Metal in a very long time. I wish all the other Metal labels would take a note from these guys and start putting out there own FDR releases of there back catalogs. Learn from this Relapse, Metal Blade etc. press your back catalog from the original masters with a dynamic range of at least 10 (preferably higher), this is what we Metal fans want and the proof is how well these releases have been selling for Earache.
          • roufok_3000
            Huge part of extreme music in Europe belongs to EARACHE. Respect!