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Independent label/store located in Copenhagen, DK. Founded in 2009 by Christian Stadsgaard and Loke Rahbek. Initially centered at Noise/Drone, Synth, Punk, Black Metal, Techno/Industrial music, it gradually shifted away from harsh styles around 2015 to include more Contemporary Classical, Experimental Pop, Post-club, and Ambient materials. The label is positioned as a platform for local voices, sometimes assisted by non-Scandinavian resident contributors such as Félicia Atkinson, Drew McDowall, Julia Lans Nowak, Eszaid and Pita. Posh Isolation's albums had been originally carried exclusively on cassette tapes or vinyl until opening a Bandcamp page in 2017. "I Could Go Anywhere But Again I Go With You" (2018) was the first in line of digital-only releases. In the mid-2010s the label received considerable media attention and until 2020 performed a number of international shows, collaborated with clothing brands such as Kappa and Soulland, and did mixes for Resident Advisor, FACT Magazine, etc., series of mixes for NTS Radio and Berlin Community Radio.

Written works:
Posh Isolation_039
Posh Isolation_043

Contact Info:

[email protected]

Posh Isolation
c/o Ironflag studio
Gasvaerksvej 8.d,
1656 Copenhagen V

Blågardsgade 14 st tv
2200 Copenhagen N
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