Posh Isolation as reviewed by djseansv

October 10, 2015
I have a love hate relationship with this label. Love the music. Hate how difficult it can be to get some of these titles.. Someone get Varg -Star Alliance up and take my money...

Posh Isolation dionisisth

October 11, 2015
Your comment made me smile, heh..You should know tho, it's exactly the same for us E.U. folks to get sth from an american label..Shipping is really harsh, and by the time i see the notification on a new release it is allread sold out..meh..
With Posh, you don't even make it even if you live in E.U..
Imagine i purchaced that Varg box set, and after 5 min. i checked again and it was allready sold out.
..and this happens with most of their cassette releases..If you're not online once you get the e-mail, they're gone..