Vinyl Me, Please. Exclusive Pressing

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Use only when an exclusive release from Vinyl Me, Please is foil stamped / printed with "Vinyl Me, Please. Exclusive Pressing", or similar wording, on the release, usually on the back cover. Sometime in the second half of 2020, the stamp/branding was changed to be "VMP Exclusive."

Having only a sticker with this wording does not qualify for being branded a series, it must be foil stamped or printed somewhere on the release.

All releases should have Vinyl Me, Please set as the exclusive retailer
series set to Vinyl Me, Please. Exclusive Pressing
Club Edition tag should be used.
Country should be set to US.
Date should be set to the month and year when first shipped - [YYYY-MM-00]*
Use Limited Edition/Deluxe Edition/Special Edition tags only if advertised/marketed as such, and provide a link to the source used if not on the release.

*the official month, occasionally some subscribers for unknown reasons will get these sent a month early

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