Legacy is Sony Music Entertainment's catalog and reissue label.
The label was introduced by Columbia Records in 1960 for historical recordings. In 1990, CBS Records relaunched Legacy for reissues and repackaged releases. It has since been used by CBS's successors.
(Sometimes indicated as "Legacy Recordings", do not confuse with Legacy Recordings. For unofficial releases, see Legacy (3).)

Parent Label:Sony Music Entertainment
Sublabels:16 Biggest Hits, Art Deco, Buddah Records, Buddha Records, Certified Classics, Common Chord, Granite Records Corp., Jazz Moods, Jive, Kama Sutra, ...
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Legacy Recordings
550 Madison Ave, 17th FL
New York, NY 10022-3211
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  • gleebi's avatar
    My copy of Kind of Blue plays well, no discernible surface noise (what some call "clicks and pops"). Sound stage is deep and wide and separation is notable, with depth (Coltrane sounds big as life and standing right in front of my B&W Nautilus 803s). All good.
    • bulldogdave's avatar
      Avoid! Every single Legacy I own has clicks and pops right out of the sleeve and vacuumed before being played. Not even after cleaning them in my ultrasonic player. Miles Davis Kind of Blue is the worse, Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here, Elvis' Golden Records, The Essential Johnny Cash... all are flawed. I have read reviews on releases by this label from others having the same issues. Avoid!
      • k2apache6.0's avatar
        Quite fond of this label, have several and all are good. Nontheless, do your homework 1st, don't assume anything on face value.
        • sovlsacrifice's avatar
          Good and quiet pressings. My only complain is the vinyl art which looks really blurred.