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EMI Music Publishing was a music publishing company (generic trading name used by various companies that form part of the EMI Music Publishing Group)
The worldwide companies that formed part of EMI Music Publishing (prior to 2020) held the copyrights to over two million compositions. Since 2012, the rights were been administered by 'Sony/ATV', which folded EMI Music Publishing eight years later.

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EMP had local offices in Albania, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Montenegro, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, US Latin, USA.

In November 2011, Citigroup, Inc. agreed to sell EMI Group Ltd. (formerly known as EMI Group Plc) worldwide music publishing business's to a consortium of investors (partnership) which primarily consisted of Sony Corporation of America, Estate of Michael Jackson, Mubadala development and Blackstone's Group GSO Capital partners LP. The sale of the EMI Music Publishing Group was completed on the 29th of June 2012. The partnership (company) is known as DH Publishing LP, based in the Cayman Islands.

Companies that form part of EMI Music Publishing Group (as of 2017) - Argentina: EMI Melograf S.A. Australia: EMI Allans Music Australia Pty Ltd, EMI Belinda Music Australia Pty Ltd, EMI Catalogue Partnership Australia Pty Ltd, EMI Consortium Music Publishing Australia Pty Ltd, EMI Davis Music Australia Pty Ltd., EMI Music Publishing Australia Pty. Limited, EMI Songs Australia Pty. Ltd. Belgium: A&S Productions BVBA, BE'S Songs NV, EMI Music Publishing Belgium BVBA, Emi Songs Belgium NV, Rover Music NV Brazil: Edições Musicais Tapajós, Ltda., EMI Songs Do Brasil Edições Musicais Ltda. Canada: EMI April Music (Canada) Ltd., EMI Blackwood Music (Canada) Ltd., Les Éditions EMI Musique Limitee China: EMI Music Publishing China Ltd. Chile Inversiones EMI Music Publishing Chile Ltda, EMI Ediciones Musicales Chile Ltda. Czech Republic EMI Music Publishing Česká Republika a.s. Denmark: EMI Casadida Music Publishing ApS, EMI Music Publishing Denmark A/S Finland: EMI Music Publishing Finland Oy France: Call me SARL, Delabel Editions SAS, Editions Et Productions Sidonie SA, EMI Catalogue Partnership France SAS, EMI Music Publishing France SAS, EMI Songs France SARL Germany: Edition Accord Musikverlag GmbH, EMI Epos Musikverlag GmbH, EMI General Music Musikverlag GmbH, EMI Kick Musikverlag GmbH, EMI MMC Musikverlag GmbH, EMI Music Publishing Germany GmbH, EMI Nobile Musikverlag GmbH, EMI Partnership Musikverlag GmbH, EMI Phoenix Musikverlag GmbH, EMI Production Music GmbH, EMI Quattro Musikverlag GmbH, EMI Songs Musikverlag GmbH Greece: EMI Music Publishing Greece LLC, EMI Songs Music Publishing (Greece) LLC Hong Kong: EMI Music Publishing (S.E. Asia) Ltd., EMI Music Publishing Hong Kong Ltd. Hungary: EMI zenei Kft. Israel: EMI Music Publishing Israel Ltd. Italy: EMI Catalogue Partnership Italy Srl, EMI General Music Publishing srl, EMI Music Publishing Italia Srl, EMI Songs Edizioni Musicali Srl Japan: Consortium Music Publishing Japan Ltd.,EMI Music Publishing Japan Ltd. Malaysia: EMI Music Publishing Malaysia Sdn Bhd Mexico: Beechwood de México, S.A. de C.V., EMI Musical, S.A. De C.V. Netherlands: Av Music Publishers BV, Dutchy Publishing B.V., EMI Catalogue Partnership Holland BV, EMI Music Publishing Holland B.V., EMI Songs Holland B.V. Norway: EMI Music Publishing Norway AS, Frost Music AS Poland: EMI Music Publishing Polska Sp. z o.o. Portugal: EMI Music Publishing Portugal - Edicoes Musicais Lda South Africa: EMI Industries (Pty) Ltd., EMI Music Publishing South Africa (Pty) Ltd., EMI Music Publ. SA South Korea: EMI Music Publishing Korea Spain: Ediciones Musicales Hispavox SAU, EMI Music Publishing Spain, S.A., Global Demelsa SLU, EMI Songs España Srl Sweden: EMI Catalogue Partnership Scandinavia AB, EMI CMM Publishing AB, EMI Housework AB, EMI Mills Music Scandinavia AB, EMI Music Publishing Scandinavia AB, EMI Songs Scandinavia AB UK: EMI Music Publishing Ltd. - and subsidiaries) - USA: 1290 Music, Inc.,1290 Songs, Inc., Bee Natural Music, Inc., Beechwood Music Corp., Colgems-EMI Music Inc., Combine Music Corp., EMI Affiliated Catalog, Inc., EMI Al Gallico Music Corp., EMI Algee Music Corp., EMI April Music Inc., EMI Belfast Music, Inc., EMI Blackwood Music Inc., EMI BMPC Corp, EMI Brillig Music, Inc., EMI Catalogue Partnership L.P., EMI Combine, Inc., EMI Consortium Music Publishing, Inc., EMI Consortium Songs, Inc., EMI Copyright Holdings, Inc., EMI Duce Music, Inc., EMI Entertainment World Inc., EMI Feist Catalog, Inc., EMI GL Publications, Inc., EMI Golden Torch Music Corp., EMI Gold Horizon Music Corp., EMI Grove Park Music, Inc., EMI Hastings Catalog, Inc., EMI Intertrax Music Inc., EMI Jemaxal Music Inc., EMI Miller Catalog Inc., EMI Mills International Sales Corp., EMI Mogull, Inc., EMI MP US, Inc., EMI MSC Music, Inc., EMI Music Publishing Mills Music, Inc., EMI Music Publishing Top Twenty, Inc., EMI New Coconuts Music, inc., EMI Norbud Music Inc., EMI PST Music, Inc., EMI Robbins Catalog Inc., EMI RTF Music, Inc., EMI Slithy Songs, Inc., Emi Sosaha Music Inc., EMI Strong, LLC., EMI TSM Music, Inc., EMI U Catalog Inc., EMI Unart Catalog Inc., EMI Variety Catalog Inc., EMI Vine Music, Inc., EMI Waterford Music Inc., EMI Worldtrax Music Inc., Entertainment World Music, Inc., Glenwood Music Corp., Jobete Music Co., Inc., Long Range Music, Inc., Moccasin Music, Inc., Music City Music, Inc., Preference Music, Inc, Priority Music, Inc., Rising Sons Music Inc., Screen Gems-EMI Music Inc., Stone Diamond Music Corp., West End Music, Inc., Windriva Music, Inc.

In May 2018 Sony ATV announced it was acquiring a controlling stake (90%), subject to regulatory approval in the EMI Music Publishing Group, which it already owns 30%, the £1.7bn deal would make Sony the largest music publisher in the world, due to it already owning the rights to over 2 million compositions via its other music related companies. Sony ATV Music subsequently acquired the small holding held by Estate of Michael Jackson in separate deal in August 2018. The complete takeover was approved by European regulators on October 26th, 2018, with the deal being completed by Sony Corporation in Nov 2018.

On February 10, 2020, with the merger of Sony/ATV Music and Sony Music Entertainment completed, EMI Music Publishing was folded.

Parent Label:Sony ATV
Sublabels:Av Music Publishers, Colgems-EMI Music Inc., Delabel Editions, Edition Accord, Editions Et Productions Sidonie SA, Eekobolishasha Sound, EMI Affiliated Catalog, Inc., EMI Allans Music Australia Pty Ltd, EMI April Music (Canada) Ltd., EMI Belfast Music, Inc., ...
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