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Sub Static is run by M.I.A. and Falko Brocksieper. It was founded in Cologne and moved to Berlin in September 2004.

Sublabels:Karloff Rekordings
Contact Info:

Scharnweberstraße 30
13405 Berlin
[email protected]

Leyendeckerstr. 4D
50825 Cologne
Germany , MySpace


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  • godsavethevinyl's avatar
    One of the best labels ever . . . <3
    • S.mee_Yall's avatar
      Can't believe I'm the first to comment this amazing label.Don't really know where to begin and where to end my description,but boooy this is a fantastic label.Minimal,but not organic.Tech house,yet very original.Some of them are very groovy,some of them are really trippy,but there are two things that bound them together.High class production skills and originality.Don't know what to add here other than just give it a try,but beware,it will bite you.