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UK label founded by Rob Deacon; now discontinued but famous in the mid 90's for excellent compilations, each packaged with a CD-sized book of journalism on the artists.

Deacon had previously published a fanzine, Enzine, and several editions of the conceptually similar Abstract - vinyl with its artists interviewed in an accompanying magazine. Abstract appeared on Deacon's label, Sweatbox.

The popular Trance Europe Express series, produced by Rob with Helen Mead, ran for five volumes and also gave rise to Trance Atlantic Express 1 and 2 and the TEXtures mix album (all on Volume). The final release in the series,Trance Pacific Express, appeared on Rob's new label Deviant Records.

Rob Deacon died September 8 2007 in a canoeing accident.

Sublabels:Hard Stuff Division, Trance Atlantic (2), Trance Europe Express, Volume (8)
Contact Info:

22 Brook Mews North
W2 3BW

Tel: 0171-706 8122
Fax: 0171-706 8124

(contact info is obsolete).

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