Unbeatable Music

Unbeatable Music

🦁 Unbeatable Music 🦁 "newcomer drum’n’bass label".

This label’s concept it’s to be open for every sub-genres of drum’n’bass.
Old school to new school, darkness to melodic, underground to mainstream!!
The main idea is to be open for the whole drum’n’bass production!

Unbeatable Music got a big conviction to support vinyl!
Their goal is to produce talented music makers on vinyl and preserve and maintain the practice of mixing with a DJing workshop stricly vinyl.
Electronic music vinyl records is reducing and getting smaller year after year and drum’n’bass is also victim of this situation.
Adrien Tromparent, label’s founder and other professionals in the music industry are aware about that.
Their convictions are strong enough to do the maximum to support the vinyl.

The first EP «Round One» vinyl & digital included two french artists:
The Caracal Project who got a catchy vision of bass music with futuristic sound work.
The track «Skippin»’ is perfect to represent the new school side.

The second artist Ad Loud is focus on old school and melodic genre of liquid dnb.
One music video will be made in Paris for the track: Quasar.

You can listen and buy the vinyl and digital music on our website: www.unbeatablemusic.co.uk
Also you can order the vinyl directly with us if you contact [email protected]
Contact Info:
Direct contact "English & French only"!!.
Phone number: (+33) 0768827765
email: [email protected]