Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
GROOVE 158 / CD 67 Various Groove 158 / CD 67(CD, Comp) Groove GROOVE 158 / CD 67 Germany 2015 Sell This Version
VOYEURHYTHM 012 Various Vr 12(12") Voyeurhythm VOYEURHYTHM 012 UK 2013 Sell This Version
VOYEURHYTHM 013 Volta Cab I Cannot Sleep(12") Voyeurhythm VOYEURHYTHM 013 Europe 2013 Sell This Version
VR001 Various Voyeurhythm EP 1(12", EP) Voyeurhythm VR001 UK 2009 Sell This Version
VR001D Various Voyeurhythm EP 1(3xFile, AAC, EP, VBR) Voyeurhythm VR001D UK 2011
VR002 Various Voyeurhythm EP 2(12", EP) Voyeurhythm VR002 UK 2009 Sell This Version
VR002D Various Voyeurhythm EP 2(4xFile, AAC, EP, VBR) Voyeurhythm VR002D UK 2011
VR003 Various Voyeurhythm EP 3(12", EP) Voyeurhythm VR003 UK 2010 Sell This Version
VR003D Various Voyeurhythm EP 3(2xFile, AAC, EP, VBR) Voyeurhythm VR003D UK 2011
VR004 Megadon Betamax Don't Ask(12") Voyeurhythm VR004 UK 2010 Sell This Version
VR004D Megadon Betamax Don't Ask(3xFile, AAC, EP, VBR) Voyeurhythm VR004D UK 2011
VR004DR Megadon Betamax Don't Ask (Remixes)(3xFile, AAC, EP, VBR) Voyeurhythm VR004DR UK 2011
VR005 Freekwency Don't Tell Me(12") Voyeurhythm VR005 UK 2010 Sell This Version
VR005D Freekwency Don't Tell Me(3xFile, AAC, EP, VBR) Voyeurhythm VR005D UK 2011
VR006 Tyson Ballard Little Too Much(12") Voyeurhythm VR006 Netherlands 2011 Sell This Version
VR006D Tyson Ballard Little Too Much(3xFile, AAC, EP, VBR) Voyeurhythm VR006D UK 2011
VR007 Ben Sun* Path Of Non-Attachment(12") Voyeurhythm VR007 Netherlands 2011 Sell This Version
VR007D Ben Sun* Path Of Non-Attachment(3xFile, AAC, EP, VBR) Voyeurhythm VR007D UK 2012
VR008 Megadon Betamax Falling(12") Voyeurhythm VR008 UK 2012 Sell This Version
VR008D Megadon Betamax Falling(3xFile, AAC, EP, VBR) Voyeurhythm VR008D UK 2012
VR009 Various We Are Vr(12") Voyeurhythm VR009 UK 2012 Sell This Version
VR009D Various We Are Vr(4xFile, AAC, EP, VBR) Voyeurhythm VR009D UK 2012
VR010 Freekwency Flip The Coin(12") Voyeurhythm VR010 UK 2012 Sell This Version
VR010D Freekwency Flip The Coin(3xFile, AAC, EP, VBR) Voyeurhythm VR010D UK 2012
VR011 Elliott Thomas (2) Sirius(12") Voyeurhythm, Voyeurhythm VR011 UK 2013 Sell This Version
VR011D Elliott Thomas (2) Sirius(2xFile, AAC, EP, VBR) Voyeurhythm VR011D UK 2013
VR012D Various Vr 12(2xFile, AAC, EP, VBR) Voyeurhythm VR012D UK 2013
VR013D Volta Cab I Cannot Sleep(3xFile, AAC, EP, VBR) Voyeurhythm VR013D UK 2013
VR014 Tyson Ballard Charges(12") Voyeurhythm VR014 Netherlands 2014 Sell This Version
VR015 Ben Sun* Phantoms(12") Voyeurhythm VR015 Netherlands 2014 Sell This Version
VR016 Tyson Ballard Feel Like I Feel Remixes(12") Voyeurhythm VR016 Netherlands 2014 Sell This Version
VR017 Elliott Thomas (2) A.W.I.M.(12") Voyeurhythm VR017 Netherlands 2015 Sell This Version
VR018 Man Power (2) Ruthven(12") Voyeurhythm VR018 Netherlands 2016 Sell This Version
VR019 Joseph Salzig The Caravan Of Princess Maria From Samara(12", EP) Voyeurhythm VR019 2016 Sell This Version
VRLP01 Francis Inferno Orchestra A New Way Of Living(LP, Album) Voyeurhythm VRLP01 UK 2014 Sell This Version