Frankford/Wayne Recording Labs


Philadelphia based mastering studios.

From the early 1970s there were two branches of Frankford/Wayne; one in Philadelphia, and one in New York (Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs).

Tom Steele started Frankford/Wayne with partner Wayne Wilfong in his parents' basement in the Frankford area of Philadelphia, PA. By the mid-1960s, Frankford/Wayne was sharing a space with Sigma Sound Studios in the Center City downtown area of Philadelphia.

During the 1970s they both opened separate New York City branches; Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs and Sigma Sound Studios, New York.

Tom Steele had operations in Philadelphia and New York until 1986 and then worked out of just New York for another seven years. In 1993 he retired from Frankford/Wayne, which his daughter now operates.

Known to have mastered for Philadelphia International Records

Vinyl records mastered at Frankford/Wayne in Philadelphia, if not printed on the center labels or sleeve, can be recognized by a mastering stamp in the runout groove. The mastering stamp usually takes the form of stamp with the full company name + location, or the initials F/W followed by a smiley ":-)" symbol .
Also appears as:
- Frankford/Wayne Phila.
- Frankford/Wayne Recording Labs, Philadelphia, Pa.
Later releases only have F/W, most are often followed by the engineers signature or initials.

Mastering engineers that have worked at Frankford/Wayne Recording Labs:
Dave Moyssiadis (ΔM)
Nimitr Sarikananda (NIM, NM, NS)
Tom Steele (TSS)

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