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Factory Records (US) Inc.
North American arm of Factory, active between 1980 and 1988. Managed by Michael Shamberg.
Since October 1980 releases were distributed by Rough Trade Inc.

Non-music items:
FACTUS 3: LP - never realized US edition of The Durutti Column - The Return Of The Durutti Column.
FACTUS 5: Video show - "Manchester To New York Direct (The American Compilation)". Part 3 of "A Video Circus" (FAC 46).
FACTUS 7: Advertising - never realized billboard campaign on Sunset Blvd. for Joy Division - Closer. However, 2 ads appeared in Rolling Stone magazines.
FACTUS 9: LP - never realized album of Section 25 - Live In America (but 1997 released on LTM as part of Section 25 - Live In America & Europe 1982).
FACUS 19: Stationary - paper and envelopes with blue logo and address, designed by Peter Saville (2).
FACUS 21: Badges - red & silver and blue & silver with silhouette logo and star over chimney, designed by Christiane Mathan.
FACTUS 46: Sticker - A Certain Ratio - Ratio --> Circus, related to "A Video Circus" (FAC 46).
FACTUS 164: Poster - 16" x 24" poster for The Durutti Column - Valuable Passages, designed by 8vo.

Releases with OFNY belong to Of Factory New York, and releases with FACTA belong to Factory America.

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