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Doxy is a Russian bootleg label, specialised in vinyl reissues.

The label also launched the Dig-A-Log Series - a package focusing on album reissues on vinyl and also including a bonus CD of the album - as well as last, a new line called ACV - Audiophile Clear Vinyl - using clear-native co-polymer, a vinyl process without any carbon additive in order to reduce the “electrical distortion” on records. Their catalog also comprises CDs and boxsets.

Parent Label:MiruMir Music Publishing
Sublabels:Audiophile Clear Vinyl, Doxy Cinematic


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  • records1972's avatar
    It's a public domain label, releasing things using whatever sources they can find publicly, (records, cassettes, etc) never master tapes.
    • Harrison_Bergeron's avatar
      Edited 2 years ago
      Putting aside the mediocre CD-sourced sound quality, Doxy engage in an underhanded business practice that takes advantage of international copyright law and does a disservice to artists.

      They give no royalties to the original artist or label. Bootleg-mongers essentially.

      To echo others: to be avoided.
      • deadjune's avatar
        The Italian releases I have sound amazingly Hi-Fi, maybe sources from other countries are of lesser quality/many generations from original tapes, dunno. BTW Many comments on discogs about pressings and labels are bulshit from people that probably have cheap low-fi systems and imagine how vinyl is 'meant to sound', and convinced themselves that CD is low fi (against all scientific evidence). It would be great fun to have these idiots in a blind test where they cannot see the label....
        • bold's avatar
          Just got "The Modern Jazz Quartet At Music Inn" in vinyl (mint) & it sounds incredibly bad: high peak distortion, no bass at all. the source is obviously a CD. The mention "Audiophile Clear Vinyl" including limited numbered edition sounds like a joke regarding the poor quality of the cut. Nice packaging & 180gr Transparent Vynil is not enough to be recommanded. To be avoided.
          • pp_'s avatar
            Grey market European public domain label. LPs are probably digitally sourced. Records sound shrill and have a lots of high peak distortion. Pressing quality is otherwise ok. Records are flat, silent and propery centered. Can't really recommend, although there's much worse reissue labels out there.
            • MattJanovic's avatar
              I've never had any problems with Doxy LPs and consider the comments below to be questionable. Prove it.
              • tigerandfruitbat's avatar
                Just want to 2nd what Patient OT wrote.
                DOXY is a complete waste of time and money. Avoid!
                • patientot's avatar
                  European public domain label. Avoid like the plague unless you like LPs cut from CDs and illegally torrented files.