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Polish label from 80's. It belonged to KAW - Krajowa Agencja Wydawnicza (The National Publishing Agency), one of many government-controlled publishing units in 1970-1980s' Poland.

Tonpress' catalogue consisted of licensed foreign albums and singles (often with an altered artwork), as well as Polish records, including non-music audiobooks for children.

Tonpress was disactivated in 1990, when the Polish government (democratic) decided to discontinue running many of the state-controlled publishing houses and agencies. Tonpress' Polish catalogue was split between various private-owned music labels.

Tonpress records are still available via on-line auctions, as well as bargain bins.

Counterfeit/unofficial releases that pretend to be issued under this label must use Tonpress (2) instead.

Parent Label:Krajowa Agencja Wydawnicza
Sublabels:Disc Jockey (6), Golden Oldies (16), Oldies But Goldies (3)
Contact Info:

(Last Known)
Warszawa, ul. Wilcza 46
tel. 628-64-81

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