Europa Film


Swedish film and music studio, located in Solna - Stockholm.
Active: 1932-1984

Also seen credited as:
- Europafilm
- Europa Film Studio / Studios
- Europafilm Studio / Studios
- Europafilm-studio
- Europa-Film, Solna
- Europa Films Studio
- Europa Films Musikstudio
- Europe Film Studio, Stockholm

Established in 1932 as a motion picture studio, Europa Film branched into the music recording industry in the 1950s. The recording studio, under the guidance of Bengt Runsten, would eventually house their own mastering, lacquer cutting and metalwork facilities alongside its 3 separate recording studios (sometimes specifically referenced in credits as Studio 1, 2 or 3).
In 1961, Europa Film became the first company in Sweden to own and operate a Stereo cutting lathe (Neumann AM32b).

In 1984 the studio complex was purchased by AB Svensk Filmindustri who sold the recording studios to Sonet. They then changed the studio name to Sonet Studios, Stockholm.
In 1992 the studios went bankrupt. Shortly afterward, the recording studio was re-established as Europa Studios (1992-1998).
In 2008 the entire complex was demolished to make way for residential buildings.

Recording and mastering engineers known to have worked here:
Gert Palmcrantz
Peter Dahl
Björn Almstedt
Erik Olhester
Åke Grahn

Parent Label:AB Europa Film
Contact Info:

Tappvägen 24
168 65 Mariehäll, Bromma, Stockholm
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