Kosmische Musik


An early-mid 1970s German label, hosted by Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser and Gille Lettmann. It was a division of Ohr Records, manufactured and distributed by Metronome. The label was born as Die Kosmischen Kuriere with just 3 releases before becoming Kosmische Musik with distinctive Peter Geitner art/design. The music is mostly Space Rock, eclectic Krautrock and Electronic. The original label issued 14 albums.

French releases were issued via Barclay on Cosmic Music (2) with blue labels based on the same design.
Italian releases were issued via PDU of which some had the Kosmische Musik label with silver print on black.
Dutch releases 4 are known to exist, 2 on "Cosmic Music", plus 2 more on "Kosmische Musik" (distributed by CNR)
LP and CD reissues exist on various labels (sometimes with the original labels used), many from the current owners of the back-catalogue: [Invalid Label], distributed by Pop Import, Bernhard Mikulski, ZYX Records, etc..

Kosmische Kuriere / Kosmische Musik original LP releases
There are 3 label types known, with this chronology...
1. label with centre 20m & 15mm rings (as introduced in 1972 on Brain)
2. label with raised centre 20mm ring and with 3 raised dots 1973-74
3. label with raised centre 20mm ring but with no dots 1974+

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