Underground Alien Factory

Underground Alien Factory

Underground Alien Factory (UAF Records) is new free net label by Imba.

We looking for good Goa, Nitzhonot and Ambient music for releasing.
Contact Info:
Nikola Petrovic [ Imba ] - label founder in charge of artists administration, tracks collecting and compiling
E-Mail: imba@uafrecords.com

Aleksandar Popovic [ CoaGoa ] - label cofounder and manager in charge of site administration, party organizing and cover art design
E-Mail: coagoa@uafrecords.com


Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
UAFR001 Tribal Trance  album cover SETI Project (2) Tribal Trance(7xFile, MP3, Album, 320) Underground Alien Factory UAFR001 Serbia 2009
UAFR002 Secret Tales EP  album cover Goalogy Secret Tales EP(2xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Underground Alien Factory UAFR002 Serbia 2009
UAFR003 Awakening Bodhisattva EP  album cover PharaOm Awakening Bodhisattva EP (EP) UAFR003 Serbia 2009
UAFR004 Outer Space Shaman EP  album cover NK47 Outer Space Shaman EP (EP) UAFR004 Serbia 2009
UAFR005 Rainbow Source EP  album cover Somnesia Rainbow Source EP (EP) UAFR005 Serbia 2010
UAFR006 Voodoo GoAttack EP  album cover Grand-Cheff Voodoo GoAttack EP (EP) UAFR006 Serbia 2010
UAFR007 Revenge Of The Sun EP  album cover InnerSelf (2) Revenge Of The Sun EP (EP) UAFR007 Serbia 2010
UAFR008 Time & Space EP  album cover Sky Technology Time & Space EP (EP) UAFR008 Serbia 2010
UAFR009 Controlled EP  album cover Beast303 Controlled EP (EP) UAFR009 Serbia 2010
UAFR010 Spiritual Antidote EP  album cover Celestial Consciousness Spiritual Antidote EP (EP) UAFR010 Serbia 2010
UAFR011 Tribal Trance  album cover SETI Project (2) Tribal Trance (Album) UAFR011 Serbia 2010
UAFR012 Hope And Fear EP  album cover Keamia Hope And Fear EP (EP) UAFR012 Serbia 2010
UAFR013 Goa Overdose  album cover Various Goa Overdose (Comp) UAFR013 Serbia 2010
UAFR014 Unknown Space  album cover Trinodia Unknown Space (EP) UAFR014 Serbia 2010
UAFR015 The Great Timestream Bifurcation EP  album cover Persistent Aura The Great Timestream Bifurcation EP (EP) UAFR015 Serbia 2010
UAFR016 Future Architecture  album cover Various Future Architecture (Comp) UAFR016 Croatia 2011
UAFR017 Protostar EP  album cover Malachyte Protostar EP (EP) UAFR017 Serbia 2011 Sell This Version
UAFR018 Ultimate Reality EP  album cover Crossing Mind Ultimate Reality EP (EP) UAFR018 Serbia 2011
UAFR019 Human History  album cover Trinodia Human History (Album) UAFR019 Serbia 2011
UAFR020 Wizards Night EP  album cover SETI Project (2) Wizards Night EP (EP) UAFR020 Serbia 2011
UAFR021 Cursed Bloodline EP  album cover Baron Samdi Cursed Bloodline EP (EP) UAFR021 Serbia 2011
UAFR022 Mother Pitch  album cover Toï Doï Mother Pitch (EP) UAFR022 Serbia 2011
UAFR023 Perception Of Time  album cover Ajanta Perception Of Time (EP) UAFR023 Serbia 2011
UAFR024 Esoteric Journey  album cover GoaHuman Esoteric Journey (Album) UAFR024 Serbia 2011
UAFR025 Goa Overdose 2  album cover Various Goa Overdose 2 (Comp) UAFR025 Serbia 2011
UAFR026 Two Epoches, Before… And After  album cover Wanderlust (5) Two Epoches, Before… And After (Album) UAFR026 Serbia 2011
UAFR027 Tesseract  album cover PharaOm Tesseract (Album) UAFR027 Serbia 2012
UAFR028 Goa Overdose 3  album cover Various Goa Overdose 3 (Comp) UAFR028 Serbia 2013
UAFR029 Dream EP  album cover Carbon (11) Dream EP (EP) UAFR029 Serbia 2014 Sell This Version
UAFR030 Future Architecture 2  album cover Various Future Architecture 2 (Comp) UAFR030 Croatia 2014