All Inn Records Nebulosae

December 17, 2018
Completely underrated. All Inn, along with their sublabels All Inn Black, Nilla, and All Inn Limited, have supplied bombs of all kinds, for all tastes, be it the euphoric peak jam, the ever-steady tool, the thumping self track, of the post-highness afterparty cooler.

Personal favorites:
Roustam - Valparaiso (ALLINN024)
Traumer - Bau Match (ALLINN029)
Pola - Mio Mio (AIBLACK021)
Pola - Hopes for Jokes (NILLA012)

All Inn Records as reviewed by smitten40

March 20, 2015
Top notch mixes by Lenta, Roger G, Peter D, and Sam. More like a label concept lp than a remix package. Maybe the best since the Pluie Noir one a couple of years ago.