Original Masters By Sony Music


This is a series, not a label. Only add this to the "Series" field.

Series of re-issue from Sony Music back catalog, intended for the European market.

Please, do not ad the string printed on sticker as a catalog numbers.
For the moment, this one could be added in BAOI as:

Other [Printed on the 'Original Masters By Sony Music' sticker]:FSTIXXXX

Those numbers seems to be prices codes but it's not well established yet.

For now we can identify:

FSTI7402 which corresponds to 9.99 €
FSTI7403 which corresponds to 10 €
FSTI7404 which corresponds to 14.99 €
FSTI7405 which corresponds to 15 €

Please update this entry if you encounter a different string and another corresponding price.

Those releases could be remastered from original analog tapes, as some back sleeve mentions it clearly ( ex: Oxygene)
If you find such notes on releases concerned by this series, please make a comment in this entry's history.

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