Clean Night

Clean Night

Clean was a live, bi-monthly showcase event of unsigned Electronica / IDM artists, based at Browns Independent Bar, Coventry, UK.

It was established and run by what was to later become Bit-Phalanx.

The night ran for 6 events throughout 2007-2008, but ended indefinately while Bit-Phalanx were establishing themselves in London as a net-label.

Clean returned in October 2009 for a one-off show back at Browns as part of the A Thing About Machines festival featuring an exclusive headline set from Frog Pocket.

During Clean's inital run, they released two compilation CDs featuring the acts that had performed over the events. Bit-Phalanx may be re-releasing these compilations digitally throughout 2010.

The Clean events themselves are now being considered as a special annual event. The myspace page is updated regularly with any updates on such events.
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