Tape One


London mastering and lacquer cutting studio, co-founded by Barry Ainsworth and Bill Foster. Operating between 1972 and 1991.
Had three cutting rooms for producing master discs, each using a Neumann lathe (plus an additional Neumann AM32b) and Studer tape machines.
Was the first independent studio to operate a Neumann VMS 80 lathe in 1979.

Discs cut at Tape 1 are usually identifiable by "TAPEOne", "TA1PE" or "TA 1 PE" (with the 1 larger), etched in the runout area of vinyl releases.
Discs cut for Phonodisc Ltd. can be identified by a stamped "//# TO" (1972 until February 1979).
Discs cut for PRS Ltd. can be identified by a stamped "▽E TO" (February 1979 - ~1983) and by a stamped "▽420 T" (~1983 - mid 1988).
Discs cut for Lyntone Recordings Ltd. can be identified by an etched tailing TO or TO (e.g. ITO, 2TO).

The studio was finally closed by July 1991, after an unsuccessful attempt to find a buyer.

Also credited as:
- Tape 1 Studios, London

Known engineers:
- Dave Moore (studio manager)
- Geoff Pesche a.k.a. Pounda
- Denis Blackham a.k.a. BilBo (3)
- Dave Crawford (2)
- Jack Adams (2)
- Barry Grint
- Andy Crump (2)
- Mike Brown (3)
- Stuart Hawkes
- Ben Turner (5)

Sublabels:Audio One
Contact Info:

Tape One Studios
29/30 Windmill Street
Tottenham Court Rd

Tel: 01-580 0444
Telex: 298531
Fax: 01-580 5455



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