Bit-Phalanx Music is a UK based Independent label and artists / events management for a collective of recording & performing artists, all specialising in various forms of Electronic music.

Formed in 2005 initially as an artist management, Bit-Phalanx slowly evolved into producing live events across the UK, where new unsigned artists would frequently be discovered and recruited on to the roster. Throughout 2007-2009, Bit-Phalanx's artists were regularly appearing on various compilations and releases by other IDM based independent labels and net-labels, and following many notable live support slots and own-produced resident events, the management started to make initial plans to re-launch as their own net-label.

In 2009, was launched as a basic platform for it's artists (and specially invited artists) to release their own material digitally through a series of EPs and Compilations. To launch the net-label, Bit-Phalanx had complied together a collection of remixes by its entire roster for One Little Indian Records artist HK119, taken from her 2008 album, HK119 - Fast, Cheap And Out Of Control. One Little Indian took the remix collection on board to release as HK119's first digital remix album in 2010 - HK119 Vs. Bit-Phalanx - Fast And Cheap Mixes; marking Bit-Phalanx's first ever commercial release.

In early 2010, Bit-Phalanx re-launched its website as a full online web-service, and continues to release free EPs and compilations in support of its live events and other projects. By 2011, Bit-Phalanx moved into commercial, independent label terrain following the first physical EP release by Jilk, and a charity remix compilation album in collaboration with "The Legendary Godmother of Japanese Electronica", Coppé, who Bit-Phalanx has produced collaborative annual UK tours for every year since.

In 2012, Bit-Phalanx collaborated with former Sneaker Pimps lead-singer, Kelli Ali, on her first independent solo album Kelli Ali - Band Of Angels, where both Jilk and Martin Phone co-produced tracks on the album, the album's art & design was made in-house at Bit-Phalanx, and the album's lead single Kelli Ali - Kiss Me Cleopatra featured a selection of remixes by various Bit-Phalanx artists & associates.

As of 2013 the label's roster continues to grow with the signing of several new acts in 2013 and the release of more commercial EP and album releases.

- Jilk
- T-toe
- Tulin-Fée
- Hector Osbert
- Portmanteau (2)
- Black Victory
- Mr O
- Niggle
- Martin Phone
- Same Actor / Hot Roddy
- Jash
- Douce Angoisse
- Microphyst
- Protest Crayon
- Coloquix
- Kayla Painter
- Bendish
- Killiniq
- In-house DJ Star Delta
- In-house VJ ODL

Notable associate artists:
- Coppé
- HK119
- Kelli Ali
- Shitmat
- Terminal 11
- Christ.
- The Gasman
- Valgeir Sigurðsson
- Modified Toy Orchestra
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