Mystery Sea


Mystery Sea is a thematic ltd cd series (previously a ltd cdr series from MS1 to MS68 + MS70 & MS71) devoted to release specific “commissioned” works where artists are invited to derive their inspiration from the following open suggestive ferments/words, as well as their own experience :

MYSTERY SEA evokes the primordial element shrouded in its unspeakableness,
the permanent fascination for the archetypal liquid state…
but also, it relates metaphorically to that strange”flow” within,
the inner & unknown dark abyss,
a place where the body & mind could connect
with the magic blur of the vast ocean, a locus of regeneration,
a promise of infinite possibilities…

::: Immersive Soundmantras/Night-Ocean Drones :::

Run by Daniel Crokaert.

Contact Info:

chalkdc{at}mysterysea{dot}net , Facebook


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