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In 1995 Firework Edition Records was started by Kent Tankred and Leif Elggren: a duo that had previously worked together as the performance group The Sons of God since spring 1985. Firework Edition Records is also related to the publishing company Firework Edition that was started by Thomas Liljenberg and Leif Elggren in 1982, and was a sort of consequence of the ongoing project Firework started in Stockholm 1978.

Firework Edition Records moves freely between performance, music and the visual arts, and its productions often reach a point where traditional aesthetic boundaries, limitations and concepts are eliminated. Firework Edition Records observe and document, experiment and ask questions, build up and tear down. They leave it to the listener/the viewer to take what he/she wants or simply leave. Firework Edition Records is a platform for contemporary sound art.

Parent Label:Firework Records
Sublabels:Firework Edition Video, Phantom Archives
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Firework Edition Records
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