Freak n' Chic


French Label, run by Dan Ghenacia & David Duriez.
Distributed by Syncrophone (Cyber Production Department), Paris.

"At the beginning I started Freak n'Chic for my friends and myself to have a label to see our music on vinyl. It's always a long time from the moment you send a demo, to the moment you have an answer from a label. So the sound of Fn'C is the result of our work in the studio, without thinking of a style to suit.

The first release was in 2003, with W.A.R.R.I.O. and "9am", and from here I released music from people including David K, U&I (myself and David K), Shonky, Sweet Light, Jamie Jones, :TERRY:, Sébastien Bouchet, Jose De Divina, Jerome Pacman and System Of Survival. For many of them it was their first release and gave them the chance to prove they have their own style...Discovering new talent is one of the goals of the label and gives the opportunity for "our music style" to be defused.

Freak n'Chic music is deep, groovy, minimalist but funky, always is common with what we love at this moment so no problem to change the style if we feel it's the moment to do it. I think the idea of Fn'C is to bring the deepness to the clubs without forgetting the energy of the dance floor. We also try not to copy the other producers and day by day we find our way...No one is signed as exclusive to Freak n'Chic, everybody is free - I am free and want the others to feel free"

Dan Ghenacia

Parent Label:Brique Rouge
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[email protected]

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