Rush Hour Recordings dylaf

April 15, 2015
edited over 2 years ago
Great label & record store... Among the many re-issues on the label are also one off exclusives from your fave artists... Can't knock that. ;)

Rush Hour Recordings l555l

July 4, 2014
BASSHUNTER on THIS label?? Isn't it a kind of weirdness??

Rush Hour Recordings ijustspeak

October 15, 2010
Few labels can push out high quantities of music and still contain the quality stamp all the way trough. This label has tied strings between the European artists with the Detroit pioneers like Kenny Larkin and Rick Wilhite. Here you find everything from Disco to Techno to classic reissued chicago house. Every release should be embraced. Simply enough one of Netherlands finest camps around.

Rush Hour Recordings Genshji

April 11, 2012
AND this is also one of Europe`s finest recordstores! Once a year I enjoy a week in the Netherlands and love to visit the Rushhour recordstaore@Amsterdam.Doubtless one of the standard bearer for thechno music and beyond. 5/5 real life usability.