Musicor Records


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Label Code: LC 1192 / LC 01192
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Founded in 1960 by Hill & Range Music staff songwriter Aaron Schroeder and initially part-owned with United Artists Records until 1964, when UA A&R executives/staff producers Art Talmadge and Harold "Pappy" Dailey (co-founder of Starday Records) bought into the label, eventually making it independent.
In 1970, Musicor entered a distribution deal with RCA, which lasted several years. Art Talmadge, who had gained sole ownership by the late 1960s and operated the label as a subsidiary of Talmadge Productions, Inc., until 1976 when he sold the label to Springboard International Records, Inc. It was ultimately acquired in 1984 by its current owners, Gusto Records, Inc.

Parent Label:Gusto Records, Inc.
Sublabels:Double Gold Series, Dynamo Records, Golden Oldies (17), Groove Sound Studio, Music Disc Records, Musical Heritage Series, Musico Records, Musicor Records International, Musicvoice Records, New Talent Series, ...


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